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Who Am I?

Brenda Clark Irwin:​

  • Daughter, Sister, Niece, Aunt, Wife, Mom, MomMom, Great/MomMom, Adopta-Mom/Ma - these are all just labels we gather but each carries a level of experience within the role. 

  • Learner. Helper. Healer. More labels with more experiences we pick up via nature/nuture.

  • Coach. Teacher. Trainer. Martial Artist. Certified Martial Arts Instructor. Reiki Master. These labels we choose based on experiences that led us to pursue further knowledge. 

  • Certified: Professional Life Coach, Happiness Life Coach, Life Purpose Coach, Goal Success Life Coach, Mindfulness Life Coach, Business Coach

Bringing you over 30 years of experience teaching and training in the martial arts. I'm a personal and business development junkie who loves to share knowledge gained from various sources. I love audio books and usually have one playing while driving. I have several business coaches who push me to be a better me.  

Brenda L. Irwin
Who Am I?: About
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